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ENGL 146 Introduction to Literary Genres, Themes and Styles

Units: 1.5 | Hours: 3-0

Introduction to literary studies in English with particular emphasis on acquisition of skills necessary to analyze and write about literature (including close reading, development of literary-critical vocabulary, review of grammar and punctuation, and academic essay writing). Focus primarily on 20th and 21st century literary texts representing four literary genres.

Department Notes:

This course, like all of the other 100-level courses offered by the department of English, will help you to develop and practice university-level writing and reading skills that will serve you well in any academic discipline.

ENGL 146 is unique in that it focuses all of its reading and assignments around the study of recent literary texts. Even though many of the literary texts included on the syllabus will likely be unfamiliar to you, while engaging with them you can attempt more advanced work while still relying on the foundation of the type of writing you most likely practiced in high school courses. Additionally, since this course focuses on contemporary literature, its subject matter should engage your interest while enabling you to think about varied strategies advanced writers use to communicate their ideas to readers. Students will practice producing different types of academic writing assignments while picking up strategies for approaching these sorts of writing tasks in future courses. By reflecting on your writing process, experimenting with new writing strategies, and learning to assess your own work, you will become a more independent and competent reader by the end of this course. Along the way, you will get a solid introduction to the themes, styles, and questions that characterize contemporary literature.

This course fulfills the University's Academic Writing Requirement. After completing this class successfully, students can enroll in ENGL135 or ENGL147 to complete the total of 3 credits required by many university programs.

This course usually features


  • Class discussion
  • Lectures
  • Formal and informal writing
  • In class quizzes
  • Development of formal essays prepared outside of class meetings


  • Academic Writing Essentials
  • Elements of Literature: Poetry, Fiction, Drama (Oxford UP, 2004) OR Harbrace Anthology of Literature (Nelson, 2006) OR Literature: A Pocket Anthology (Pearson, 2008)
  • A novel written in English after 1900


  • Four short writing assignments (divided between class and lab) totaling 1500 words
  • Final exam (1000 to 1250 words)
  • In class essay (500 to 700 words)
  • In class quiz on grammar and punctuation
  • Final exam

Summer Session Dates: May 11, 2015 - Jun 26, 2015

Section: A01

Instructor: Celeste Daphne Derksen
Days: TR
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:20 pm
Location: Clearihue A302
Availability: 11 seats

Available Sections:  A01 | A02 | A03