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Dr. Handel Wright: Whose Diaspora is This Anyway?

Date: January 9, 12:00 PM
Location: MacLaurin D114

Professor Handel Kashope Wright, director of the Centre for Culture, Identity and Education at UBC, presents his essay, "Whose Diaspora is This Anyway? Continental Africans Trying On and Troubling Diasporic Identity and Africana Studies." In the essay, Dr. Wright undertakes a cultural studies discussion of the dual problematic of Africana studies and the place of African emigres in the African diaspora. As part of his discussion he reviews six essays published in a special issue he edited of the journal Critical Arts on the theme "Diasporic Africans and the Question of Identity." The essay attempts to trouble a number of key, often taken-for-granted concepts: Africana studies, continental African identity and especially diaspora and diasporic African identity. By drawing on a wide variety of areas from literary criticism to sport and media studies to sociology in constructing an inter/postdisciplinary cultural studies analysis of diasporic African identity, Handel indicates that cultural studies might be a useful future discourse for Africana studies. Presented by the African Partnerships Network Speaker Series.

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