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Ideafest: Reading in our 21st Century Library

Date: March 7, 11:00-2:00
Location: McPherson Library Multipurpose Room

English department members Caley Ehnes, Ray Siemens, Connie Crompton, Caley Ehnes, and Lisa Surridge will be part of a team of researchers revealing Unexpected Encounters with Books, both Digital and Pre-Digital.

Researchers will describe and discuss their projects in an informal setting with visitors. All six projects demonstrate the variety of scholarly opportunities afforded by the form of the materials: pre-digital, digitized, and born-digital. Every 30 minutes one project will be highlighted in a brief presentation in the adjoining room. Unique materials used in the work will be on display. Coffee is free.


>> 11:00. Lisa Surridge and Caley Ehnes on Victorian reading practices. Lisa and Caley will discuss what working with original publications of 19th century periodicals allows us to understand about Victorian reading practices that using modern reprints would not.

>> 11:30. Ray Siemens and Constance Crompton will discuss e-text projects that illustrate a variety of new scholarly practices and insights afforded by electronic text.

>> 12:00. James Nahachewsky will describe his experiments with e-texts in the secondary classroom, and what they imply for future reading practices.

>> 12:30. Helene Cazes and Erin Fairweather: "Unexpected encounters in big books: monsters, flowers, and marriages." Hlne and Erin will show three artifacts inscribed in, attached to, or left in big books. A delightful surprise for the researchers, these gifts from readers tell us stories of "special readers" to be found in Special Books. Sizes too tell us of readers: very big and very small will be shown.

>> 1:00. Zsofia Surjan and Erin Kelly: "Biblia, das ist: Die gantze heilige Schrifft: a Luther Bible from 1560" and "The greatness of Foxe's Actes and Monuments (1610)." Zsofia and Erin will talk about what looking at unique copies of important Protestant texts can teach us about the spread of the reformation as well as the lives and experiences of individual believers.

>> 1:30. Chris Petter. Chris and collaborators will discuss the Colonial Dispatches project, and what digitization of this important historical set has enabled scholars to do.

>> Materials describing the Anarchist Archive Digitization Project will also be displayed.

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