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MVP Partners with Yale University

The Modernist Versions Project (MVP) is delighted to announce its most recent partnership, with The Modernism Lab at Yale University. This agreement will assist the MVP with access to the holdings in the Beinecke Library, and provide a robust pedagogical environment for production, testing, and enhancing its digital editing environment. It is a significant boost to the project, which now has well over $2 million in funding, and an important collaboration between UVic and Yale.

The MVP is based at UVic, and is co-directed by Stephen Ross (UVic), Jentery Sayers (UVic), James Gifford (Fairleigh Dickinson University), J. Matthew Huculak (Dalhousie University), Susan Schreibman (Trinity College, Dublin), and Tanya Clement (University of Texas at Austin). In collaboration with several other major initiatives in Modernism and the Digital Humanities, the MVP is building an integrated digital environment for the ingestion, collation, mark-up, and display of Modernist texts that exist in multiple versions. Its pilot project, a portion of Joseph Conrad's Nostromo , is currently being produced by MA student Katie Tanigawa under the supervision of Drs. Ross and Sayers.

The Modernism Lab is the brainchild of Dr. Pericles Lewis , Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Yale University. From the web site for The Modernism Lab: "The Modernism Lab is a virtual space dedicated to collaborative research into the roots of literary modernism. We hope, by a process of shared investigation, to describe the emergence of modernism out of a background of social, political, and existential ferment. The project begins with the period 1914-1926, from the outbreak of the first world war to the full-blown emergence of English modernism. The Lab supports undergraduate courses on Joyce's Ulysses and the Modern British Novel, as well as a graduate course in English and Comparative Literature, "Moderns, 1914-1926." Students in the classes contribute materials to the website and use it as the platform for their ongoing research. The main components of the website are an innovative research tool, YNote, containing information on the activities of 24 leading modernist writers during this crucial period and a wiki consisting of brief interpretive essays on literary works and movements of the period. ... The project as a whole aims to reconstitute the social and intellectual webs that linked these writerscorrespondence, personal acquaintance, reading habitsand their influence on the major works of the period. We are interested, too, in broadening the canon of works studied in the period by paying attention to minor works by major authors, major works by minor authors, and works that may have been influential in their time but that are no longer much read."

The MVP now counts among its partners The Modernism Lab, EMiC, NINES , the Electronic and Textual Cultures Lab at UVic, and Islandora / DiscoveryGarden , the Modernist Journals Project the Beinecke Library at Yale University, and the Harry Ransom Centre in Austin, Texas.

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